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Community Participation

This program aims at helping women and youth to integrate into their communities.

It also aims at raising women and youth awareness towards their rights and responsibilities as well an increasing their participation in the decision making process through conducting training, capacity build building workshops, and awareness activities. 

Economic Development

This program aims at investing in the available local natural and human resources to contribute in strengthening the local economy of the marginalized rural areas.

The economic development also aims at increasing the participation of youth and women in the economic life through promoting their entrepreneurial and managerial abilities as well as providing them with the technical and financial support to create their own job opportunities in the Palestinian labor market.

Lifelong Learning

This program aims at promoting the concept of <lifelong learning> on the local and national level. Juhoud seeks to achieve this program, through developing and establishing a sustainable system for resources and training centers to build and enhance
capacities on an individual, institutional, and societal levels.

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What else we provide?


Giving the local community a great role in projects planning, implementation,and evaluation.


Active interaction

Interacting with officials, decision-makers, and stakeholders.


Making a network between Community Based Organizations and national and international organizations.

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Al-Quds Open University
Pontifical Mission in Jerusalem
Danish Church Aid
German Foundation for Adult Education (DVV)


About us

JUHOUD is committed to supporting the community development in marginalized areas through promoting Economic Development projects to betterment of people’s livelihoods; Employability – Job Creation and TVET projects for youth and women to open a window for them to find decent jobs, and Civic and Community Engagement projects to reinforcement of youth and women participation at the local level by using a participatory approach that emphasizes self-reliance and focuses on youth and women while fostering a sense of national and community belonging.

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