Economic Development

This program aims at investing in the available local natural and human resources to contribute to strengthening the local economy of the marginalized rural areas.
It also aims at increasing the participation of youth and women in the economic life through promoting their entrepreneurial and managerial abilities as well as providing them with the technical and financial support to create their own job opportunities in the Palestinian labor market.

The Objective of EDP:

To contribute in inverting rural exodus and improve the living conditions and livelihood opportunities of rural women and youth through 3 interlinked approaches:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Start-Up:

  • Juhoud empowers and equips women and youth with employability skills to help them in gaining the know-how, the practical work experience, and technical skills that will allow them to succeed in the modern Palestinian and international labor market.
  • Offering local and international internship opportunities for the program graduates.
  • Offering Job Guidance for our graduate through a group of local and international experts.

2. Employ-ability and Job Guidance,

  • 5000 graduate joined the capacity building program.
  • 3500 Received cross-cutting training. 
  • 1500 graduate received Job Guidance.
  • 200 Graduate received Internships.

3.  Agricultural Products and land Reclamation

  1.     Capacity Building

    Farms Management and Marketing
  • Provides special training on farms managements
  • Providing training on how to market agricultural products
  • Provide training on Water management
  • provide training on cooperative work 
         Technical training on farming  issues
  • Provide training on animal farming  for cheeps and goats, Rabbits, hens, bees  and other types of animals
  • Provide training  on plants Farming and related agricultural procedures this includes trees such as for olive trees  and herbal plants such as za’’tar and vegetables
  • providing farmers with technical counseling on farms management through specialized  experts
  • Providing farmers with technical counseling on agricultural procedures through specialized agricultural  engineers

2. New Agricultural Farm

Plants Farms
  • Establishing 1500 home garden
  • Planting 20,000 olive trees
  • Planting 12,000 almonds trees
  • Planting 25,000 plants
Animal Farms
  • Establishing 150 goats & Sheep’s farms
  • Establishing 60 chicken farms
  • Establishing 30 bees farms
  • Establishing 10 rabbit farms

3. Agro- Infrastructure

Land Reclamation
  • Reclaiming 500 dunom
  • Benefiting 2500 family
  • Creating 15,000 working day.
Land Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitating 15000 dunom.
  • Benefiting 2500 family
  • creating 10,000 working day
Agricultural roads
  • Establishing 10 km of agricultural roads
  • Benefiting 5000 farmer
  • Creating 3000 working day 


Youth Works