Train to Gain

Program overall goal:

To contribute to the reduction of the unemployment rate among Palestinian  youth  in Tulkarem, Qalqilia, and Nablus governorates in the  northern West-Bank through the enhancement of skills and  real workplace environment exposure


  1.  To increase employability skills of 250 youth  by providing them with 20 hours of Life-skills training (based on the IYF Passport to success materials)
  2. To increase the employability skills of 125 youth  by providing them with 20 hours of cross-cutting skills training based on the needs of youth and employers
  3. To Provide practical on the job training opportunities for 60 youth(out of the 125) through a structured and meaningful internship program


  1.  20 initial meetings with potential partners  are held
  2. 250 (youth) are selected to benefit from the project
  3. Training materials are developed
  4.  250 students receive Life Skills training.
  5. 125 (out of the 250) students are selected and receive cross-cutting skills training
  6.  60 students participate in 3-month internships in the private, public, or NGO sector (20/Gov)
  7.  Three job fairs are conducted.
  8.  30 youth have found job opportunities