Project Name:  Women Livelihood Support

Donor: Polish Aid / Pontifical Mission of Jerusalem

Duration: August 2014 – December 2014

Target Beneficiaries: youth and women ages between (18 – 35 years old)

Targeted Areas: Jenin and Ramallah Rural Villages

Sector: Economic Empowerment, Livelihood, Small Scale Projects

Budget: 30,000 Euro

About the Project:

Juhoud has successfully implemented “Women livelihood Support” between 15th June 2014 to 15th December 2014 which was funded by Polish Aid in cooperation with the Pontifical Mission of Jerusalem in Jenin (Zababdeh, Burqin) & in Ramallah (Jifna, Birzeit, Aboud & Taybeh) rural villages.

The project targeted more than 30 families mostly headed by women to strengthen them and enable them to improve their living conditions. many observers, officials, and interested people affirmed that this type of projects are greatly needed and touches the real needs of Farmers.

The project focused on agricultural activities in the target governorates through re-assessing the beneficiaries and partner organizations’ needs, improve their capacities and knowledge and supported small scale agriculture farms, besides provide one-to-one counselling on argo-best practices by an Agriculture Engineer who has experience in agriculture & rural development and follow up.

Outcome Achieved:

  • 270 training hrs. were conducted (15 training hrs. per location over 3 days) to raise beneficiaries’ capacities in agriculture best practices subjects.
  • 50 males and females raised their capacities in agriculture best practices subjects,
  • 30 women received funds for their own small-scale agriculture farms (animal projects included).
  • 20 agricultures lands reagitated and fenced.