Project Name: Improving Women’s Economic Status through Small Scale Agricultural

Donor: Polish AID,

Duration: August 2016 – December 2016

Target Beneficiaries: 30 Female Households & Farmers

Targeted Areas: Jenin Rural Areas

Sector: Agriculture, Small Scale projects

Budget: 28,600 Euro

About the Project:

The project implemented in Jenin governorate rural villages (Al-Jalameh, Kufr Qud, Burqin & Zababdeh), where most inhabitant have their own lands. The unemployment rate in these villages exceeds 20% and the unemployment rate among women exceeds 60%. Some villages are surrounded with fence or settlements which make such a project very vital not only to generate income but also to protect their lands. The project aims to raising the ability of deprived and vulnerable women to become dependent on their selves and improve their livelihood, by improving the living conditions and livelihood opportunities of rural women and to meet the immediate needs of the Palestinian women whilst also contributing to their longer-term development, through:

  • restoring access to key essential services such as training and agricultural extension.
  • promoting opportunities for the target group to access the necessary resources (Seed-Funds) to improve their income earning opportunities.

Achieved outcomes:

  • 18 Women received agriculture and animal projects and started production.
  • 54 farmers received access to improved agriculture practices through agriculture counseling.
  • 3 training sessions are conducted on modern agriculture practices.
  • 10 men received temporary income for their daily work and farming work.