Project Name: Economic Development through Cooperatives

Donor: Pontifical Mission of Jerusalem

Duration: 2016 – 2017

Target Beneficiaries: Community Members, Cooperative’s members

Targeted Areas: Jenin & Ramallah Rural Areas

Sector: Economic Empowerment

Budget: $ 24,000

About the Project:

The project aims to raise awareness and to integrate the concept of the cooperative work among the community members in Jenin & Ramallah rural villages by establishing cooperatives or by encouraging excited cooperatives to work together for the benefit of the community and empowerment in the coming future.

Thus, the project conducted an initial study at the project’s idea with the targeted communities and members at the first level, then conducted a comprehensive feasibility study for potential projects to 6 existed cooperatives (Four in Jenin Area and Two in Ramallah area) and providing them with technical and management assistant.

Achieved outcomes:

  • One Analysis study to the idea of the project,
  • Three feasibility studies for potential projects for cooperatives,
  • Launched a call for raising funds to support and start implementing the potential projects.