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Project Name: Game for Euro-Med “GEM”

Donor: EU Med. Cultures | Anna Lindh Foundation,

Duration: October 2016 – July 2017,

Target Beneficiaries: youth ages between (15 – 25 years old),

Targeted Areas: Italy, France, Egypt, Palestine,

Sector: Education for Intercultural Citizenship, Cultural Exchange of Knowledge and Experience,

Budget: $ 30,000

About the Project:

GEM project aims at promoting education for intercultural citizenship through playing. In GEM, EU and MED cultures “play’ together, deconstructing negative stereotypes and working for mutual cultural understanding.

Achieved outcomes:

  • More than 20 young people participated in ToT virtual training for exchange knowledge and experience.
  • More than 40 youth participated in orientation workshop in each country.
  • One workshop over two days conducted in Palermo/Italy with participation of two people from each partner country.
  •  One Game Board is developed with multi languages 9Arabic, Italian & French)
  • One social media Plateforme is launched to transfer knowledge and experience. (1) Facebook