Project Name:  Vocational Camp for Youth

Donor: GIZ

Duration: November 2017 – August 2018

Targeted Beneficiaries: 100 youth and women ages between (15 – 29 years old) who belongs to marginalized, vulnerable groups – who are not in employment, education or training (NEETs),

Targeted areas: East Jerusalem (inside and outside the wall), Area C

Sector: Tourism Office Management and Booking, Hospitality & catering vocational professions, Beautification and skincare professions, Home Electrical profession, 

Budget: 125,194 Euro

About the Project:

JUHOUD is implementing a project as part of the TEVT and Employment Promotion Programme which the GIZ implements on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). This project was implemented through two phases; the first phase specialized in raising awareness and encouraging young people (school dropouts) to engage in vocational training in order to bring 50% of youth participating in the project into non-formal, short-term or initial formal vocational education and training, or work-based learning,

Meanwhile the second phase focused on delivering life and technical skill training regards tourism, hospitality and services sector for youth and women from East Jerusalem (inside and outside the wall), Area C and linking them with Job opportunities in tourism sector.

Achieved Outcomes:

In the First phase:

  • Two Awareness sessions in vocational education and training for caregivers, parents and school dropouts are conducted in East Jerusalem and Area C in participation of more than 100 person,
  • 40 youth (males and females) received a Vocational Camp (over 4 days) to introduce them to the personal and vocational guidance, career orientation, and life skills, in addition to accompanying them on site visits to work manufactures and workshops.
  • Up to 50 beneficiaries received Tool Kits,

In the Second phase “Investment in Youth”

  • 25 youth and women from East Jerusalem received life and technical training of (72 hours) specialized in tourism, hospitality and catering sector.
  • 15 youth (males and females) received two months of paid internship to introduce them to the practical skills on workplace and orient them to the world of work,
  • One Career Day is conducted in Ramallah in participation of more than 250 jobseekers including (project’s beneficiaries) and employers from the private sector specialized in Tourism and hospitality fields.