Economic Development through Cooperatives in 10 in Ramallah and Jenin Rural Areas

Brief Description about the Project:

This project aims to improve the Economic situation for the Target Villages in Ramallah, Jenin & Tubas Rural Areas taking in consideration the priorities and sectors by each locality through local natural, human and financial resources to implement sustainable project for women and youth throughout cooperatives. 

The services involved:

  1. Conducting Survey Study for the Targeted 10 Villages in Ramallah and Jenin Rural Areas,
  2. Mapping the Potential Partners (3rd Party) through: preparing a List of the potential partners, conducting Initial meetings with them, selecting the best partners and signing MOU with them,
  3. Developing the program documents through:
  • Establishing Cooperatives in the 10 targeted villages, OR Working with Cooperatives in the Targeted Areas,
  • Mentor and Facilitate the registration procedures for the New Coops,
  • Conducting a Comprehensive feasibility study for 3 villages as (Pilot Villages),
  • Capacity Building Coops Board Members,
  • Raising Fund for 3 Projects as (Pilot Projects in 3 villages)
  • Implement 3 projects and Mentor them.


24,000 U.S. Dollar

Target Area:

10 Rural Villages in Ramallah, Jenin, and Tubas 

Ramallah Area: Aboud, Taybeh, Jifna, Birzeit, Air Areek

Jenin: Area: Zababdeh, Al-Jalameh, Burqin, Kofor Kud,

Tubas: Tubas